Our services focus on energy and carbon management for industry, commerce and the public sector providing strategic direction and planning, site reviews, technical support and management training.

We deliver lower costs, greater efficiency and improved performance.

  What we do

Energy & carbon management is an integral part of the efficient operation of any organisation. Ever increasing fuel and electricity costs have placed greater emphasis on the effective use of energy resources, reinforced by the wider understanding of the effect of climate change.


We help our clients operate their estate in the most effective way possible, minimising energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions. We specialise in optimising the operation and efficiency of existing buildings and processes, usually securing valuable savings by implementing low or no cost measures.


We deliver lower costs, greater efficiency and improved performance.

Energy Management

Energy management centres on the effective marshalling of electricity and fuel consumption on a site or estate. The objective is to monitor, understand and minimise usage and costs. The discipline ranges from effective procurement of energy to training and awareness for management and staff.

The most effective and sustained initiatives start with a structured assessment, review and plan and the priority in the short term is to optimise the operation of existing facilities.



Carbon Management

Carbon management considers a far broader range of energy use and relates this to emissions. We have well over a decade of experience in carbon management through our work for The Carbon Trust and Carbon Trust Standard and this informs our lean approach to implementing management systems and reducing carbon.


Complimented by our traditional engineering and energy experience, we provide a rounded and pragmatic view on any organisation and have prepared carbon footprint reviews and assessments for a range of leading organisations in the region. We have assessed orgnisations in government, energy, education, health, manufacturing, food, transport, clothing, retail and construction sectors and understand the particular demands of each.




  Performance Improvement

Our services deliver tangible benefits. We have worked on many "hands on" projects that have significantly reduced costs and improved quality and performance.

This has ranged from process heating, drying and cooling systems to plastic moulding and industrial paint processes. Performance improvements have included shorter production cycle times, reduced waste and rejected product and lower energy consumption and costs.

The foundation for this aspect of our work is our experience in data logging which we utilise to accurately monitor plant performance.



We have decades of experience in the industrial, commercial and public sectors and our work is based upon a solid foundation of practical mechanical & electrical engineering. We are accredited at director level with the Register of Professional Energy Consultants (Energy Institute), are ESOS Lead Assessors and Assessors for the Carbon Trust Standard.

We have successfully delivered numerous sector studies and estate wide reviews for government, along with organisational strategies and carbon footprints for leading private sector organisations.

We offer real value for money and pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of work and a friendly personal service.



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